--Snus Reviews--

From the perspective of a former Copenhagen Snuff user. -after 30yrs dipping.

Please feel free to add your comments and share your recommendations.

A short description & history of Swedish snus:

Snus: This is not chew or dip folks. Snus is unique in that it is steam-cured rather than fire-cured, is not fermented and contains no added sugar and thus considered by many to be a safer alternative to dipping or chewing tobaccos which contain higher TSNAs and are much more proven to cause cancers amongst other health problems. Snus in it’s current form whether portion or loose has been well and alive in Sweden for over 200 years and recent studies have proven the usage amongst Swedes of snus as opposed to cigarettes have led to a much lower average of all forms of cancers as opposed to “smoking” nations. Since real snus as described in this blog is regulated as a food substance in Sweden along with being steam-cured tobacco, it is intended and normal to swallow the drip and requires no spitting.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skruf Xtra Stark Portion

Is it a bird, a plane, maybe a train?
Skruf has undoubtedly released one of the hardest hitting snus to date. As well known, skruf branded snus already delivers a quick hit of nicotine by snus standards, now they have taken it to a whole new level with a literal BLAST of nicotine that seems not to quit! This one is pure good ole' skruf with that BAM taking the experience to a whole new level. The rose oil still stands out yet you can feel the peppery nicotine pounding away at your tissues. I would recommend using this one sparingly yet worthy as a "wake up" and smell the roses snus!

At an estimated (17-18mg nicotine) per portion, this one will likely knock a newcomer straight on their arse and put you on the toilet!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knox Lös Snus

If you're on a budget and like Skruf brand, this may be the snus for you. Similar in flavor albeit a bit dumbed down due to the lower nicotine content, Knox lös has a course texture and kind of reminds me of my former American "Dip" Copenhagen in this way. Deep tobacco flavor with a hint of citrus and less salt than it's big sister, Skruf Stark lös. The pris holds together really well both hand-baked or with a tool and thus makes the perfect "loose" snus for a beginner. The flavor seems to really last and stand out at the 1hr mark and beyond. Good budget snus from Skruf AB

The nicotine content stands at (8mg per 1 gram). Produces a nice smooth and level delivery of vitamin N.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gotlandssnus Anis (Grey) lös

Thank you GetSnus for this wonderful mystery can as me generally being a black licorice hater, I would have never tried it. I can tell you this one actually beats out my last review on Ettan lös for all around durability and taste. Mild yet pronounced Anise: "a French or Spanish liqueur flavored with aniseed" delivers a wonderful, lasting, and easy to keep in place pris of pure licorice pleasure. Don't pass this one up like I almost did. Definitely a top #5 lös snus without a doubt.

At approx.(8 mg/g) nicotine, this one just begs for baking at least a 2 or 3 cliker and will certainly please!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ettan lös

When a product nears 200 years in production, it is not just a mistake. Having been introduced in 1822, Ettan stands out as a leader for a reason. Pure and smooth tobacco flavor with a undertone of chocolate, this one deserves a place in any serious lös snusser's rotation. The flavor just lasts and is one of the most consistent I've found to date. It is hard not to forget and want to just swallow this snus as it tastes so good.

At (8mg/g) nicotine don't let this one fool you. You can adjust the pris and easily fulfill.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Granit Maxi Portion

Pure salty tobacco flavor with a hint of lemony goodness. The "maxi" delivers with that bit of extra nicotine (similar to doing a sterk) while giving that upper lip a buldge the ladies are sure to notice. The pouches are comfortable and somewhat elongated. Also has a peppery thing going on very alike to General™ branded snus. Comes in a nicely rounded solid plastic tin.

At (12mg per/portion) nicotine, this one lives up to its size.