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From the perspective of a former Copenhagen Snuff user. -after 30yrs dipping.

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A short description & history of Swedish snus:

Snus: This is not chew or dip folks. Snus is unique in that it is steam-cured rather than fire-cured, is not fermented and contains no added sugar and thus considered by many to be a safer alternative to dipping or chewing tobaccos which contain higher TSNAs and are much more proven to cause cancers amongst other health problems. Snus in it’s current form whether portion or loose has been well and alive in Sweden for over 200 years and recent studies have proven the usage amongst Swedes of snus as opposed to cigarettes have led to a much lower average of all forms of cancers as opposed to “smoking” nations. Since real snus as described in this blog is regulated as a food substance in Sweden along with being steam-cured tobacco, it is intended and normal to swallow the drip and requires no spitting.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ettan lös

When a product nears 200 years in production, it is not just a mistake. Having been introduced in 1822, Ettan stands out as a leader for a reason. Pure and smooth tobacco flavor with a undertone of chocolate, this one deserves a place in any serious lös snusser's rotation. The flavor just lasts and is one of the most consistent I've found to date. It is hard not to forget and want to just swallow this snus as it tastes so good.

At (8mg/g) nicotine don't let this one fool you. You can adjust the pris and easily fulfill.

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  1. As you said, Ettan is the oldest modern production snus brand in the world for good reason. Even for someone who uses loose snus rarely, Ettan should be one of the first you try. Nice review.